Strategy and Events Course

Cutting a ham into thin slices requires a refined technique, but working in events with hundreds of diners requires something else: STRATEGY.

With this course we will answer the most feared question once we already know how to cut ham: “Now what?”

Our Teaching Team’s expertise is at the disposal of your future. You will learn how to be confident about your timing during an event, to make the best presentations so your work is more efficient and to promote yourself so you are always the client’s first choice.

We do not want you to work in one event but to be chosen to work constantly.

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  • Working in an event: Ham Cutter requirements
  • Perfect timing during the event.
  • How to promote yourself as Ham Cutter.
  • How to make them hire you again.
  • Anticipating the unexpected
  • How to avoid injuries
  • How to bone a ham

Duration of the course

4 hours

Escuela Internacional de Cortadores de Jamón

Geolit, Parque Científico y Tecnológico
Calle Sierra Morena s/n, 23620, Jaén

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